The Month End Podcast

Episode Twelve: Aaron Gatti • Brami

July 27, 2021 Aaron Gatti Season 1 Episode 12
The Month End Podcast
Episode Twelve: Aaron Gatti • Brami
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The Month End provides emerging inventory based brands real life knowledge in the accounting, finance, and operational world. Our guests are not only similar brand founders and owners, but key stakeholders and contributors to the industry. Each episode provides a glimpse into the vast experience and insight from its guest’s unique background in a casual, conversational tone.

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In episode twelve, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Co-Founder and CEO of Brami, Aaron Gatti. He shares the journey to finding the unique protein packed snack at the forefront of his company's products; the Lupini Bean.  Not only are we exploring a great new food to add to the snack cupboard, we are diving into how Aaron manages a complex process of sourcing his inventory from Italy.  From the Italian COVID shut down, to how Brami factors in the costs of duties and an ever-changing currency conversion into their costs, Gatti shares his wisdom.  This is the episode to learn how to not let mismanagement of an overseas supply break your business.


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How Gatti discovered the Lupini Bean
How Brami educates the consumer on the product
Sales Channel Overview
Why Brami went retail and the background behind being omni channl
How Brami reports on each sales channel
The "favorite" sales channel
The supply chain overview
How Brami tackles foreign exchange rates in their landed cost calculations
The foreign exchange service providers/ systems Aaron is using
How Aaron manages the challenges and costs of freight, duties, and import taxes
Recap of the added challenges managing a foreign supply chain
The new program Brami needs to be compliant with and how it adds more work vs. sourcing domestically
Why you need to close the lead time/cash gap in supply chain management
How COVID hitting Italy affected Brami, and how they managed it
How having access to data helps in the response to a large disruption
The area where Brami took a hit during the COVID challenge
The summary of Brami's approach that led to their management decision
Aaron's CPG "Do"
Aaron's CPG "Don't"
Where to find Brami