The Month End Podcast

Episode Eleven: Sonny McCracken • Après

June 02, 2021 Sonny McCracken Season 1 Episode 11
The Month End Podcast
Episode Eleven: Sonny McCracken • Après
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Welcome to The Month End, a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) community chat.  The Month End will provide emerging CPG brands real life knowledge into the accounting, finance, and operational world.  Our guests will be key stakeholders from those same brands, as well as other key contributors to the industry, which all have vast experiences and insight that will be shared with the audience.

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In episode eleven, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Co-Founder and CEO of Après, Sonny McCracken. He opens up about the mission to develop a healthy, simple, plant based protein drink to satiate between workout and next meal.  Inspired by his wife and blindly leaping from corporate employee to entrepreneur, Sonny shares the complexities of achieving their goal.  In the process, the Après team has inspired a new community, all focused on the goal of making the world a happier and healthier place, one junk free drink at a time.


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Apres Overview
The concept behind the product
The main Apres product that was launched
The products current uses by the consumer
The strategy behind why and how Apres launched
The multiple subsets of one protein drink market
Sonny's current role at Apres, and his take on its evolution
Why Sonny is a huge fan of bootstrapping
How investor conversations early on were very helpful, and how they stand currently
Sales Channel Overview and the evolution of Apres sales projections
Sonny's approach on how he built the business, and advice for those starting
What Sonny has learned from customers through digital sales analytics that help assess trying additional channels
Sonny's take business modeling and how he uses it for Apres
Brad's advice on business/financial modeling
Sonny's modeling advice, their current layout, and advice for the less financially inclined business owner
Current sales channels, Sonny's view and assessment of each
How Sonny uses his modeling to manage inventory
Brad's breakdown of how each sales channel is its own model within the overall business model
How Sonny factors in/manages cash flow to the inventory management and overall business model
How to leverage a partner for "debt financing"/ funding inventory versus giving away equity for investments
The biggest deterrent for sales/ customers when it comes to inventory management
Sonny's CPG Do and Don't
Where to find Apres