The Month End Podcast

Episode Ten: Melissa Vitelli • Jar Goods

May 04, 2021 Brad Ebenhoeh Season 1 Episode 10
The Month End Podcast
Episode Ten: Melissa Vitelli • Jar Goods
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Welcome to The Month End, a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) community chat.  The Month End will provide emerging CPG brands real life knowledge into the accounting, finance, and operational world.  Our guests will be key stakeholders from those same brands, as well as other key contributors to the industry, which all have vast experiences and insight that will be shared with the audience.

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In episode ten, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Co-Founder and CEO of Jar Goods, Melissa Vitelli. Melissa gives us a no-BS look into the challenges of an inventory based start up and how she and her partner have tackled them.  This woman owned and run purveyor of quality sauces started based on a few things; to bring an exciting, fresh sauce option to the (stale) market, and to have a quickly prepared food that wasn't low quality (easier, faster, happier being the key words).  Learn how Jar Goods differentiated themselves from the big dogs in the sauce category and ways being part of the Chobani incubator program helped them in - as Melissa puts it - unmeasurable ways.

You can also read more inside insight on how Accountfully helped the company in our Jar Goods case study:


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Jar Goods Case Study:

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How the business started
Melissa's role at Jar Goods
How roles are defined in a small biz
Jar Goods sales channel overview
KPIs and metrics Jar Goods monitors
UNFI KeHE Challenges and Melissa's cautions about big distributors
Strange deductions management finds
How distribution has been democratized
The new goal (and costs) to focus more on direct sales
Melissa's advice to other CPG brands on dealing with deductions
Melissa's plan for shifting toward eComm more
Jar Goods supply chain overview
The key number to have before doing in house production
Why Jar Goods is still cash poor
How COVID affected the supply chain
How Jar Goods was able to get a better sense of their consumer's support
Why their supply chain now is actually healthier
The Jar Goods Inventory Management system overview
Brad's recommendation to clients regarding inventory systems
Why Melissa stresses the importance of the abilities of business leader's strengths in managing the company
What Melissa learned being part of the Chobani Incubator
How Jar Goods competes against the massive sauce category
What you need to do to stand out as a brand
Melissa's CPG "Do" and "Don't"
Where to find Jar Goods
Melissa's favorite recipes