The Month End Podcast

Episode Nine: Ibraheem Basir • A Dozen Cousins

April 13, 2021 Ibraheem Basir Season 1 Episode 9
The Month End Podcast
Episode Nine: Ibraheem Basir • A Dozen Cousins
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In episode nine, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with A Dozen Cousins' CO-Founder and CEO, Ibraheem Basir.  Ibraheem grew up in Brooklyn in a big family (hence the name) and wanted to combine two important elements into one product; take the joy of the eclectic multicultural flavors he experienced eating with his family, and turn it into a convenient, healthy food option. 

He is no stranger to the complex food business, and has worked for large CPG companies.  These opportunities allowed him to hone his talent for understanding the formal business side, especially recognizing untapped business opportunities. Ready-to-eat beans became the right option because of their ability to combine the elements of "taste, health, and culture".  It was also an untapped market in the food world. 

Basir takes us on the journey of his growing empire and outlines the strategic, yet methodical thought processes that have allowed him to realize his business goals.
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Background on A Dozen Cousins
Where the name "A Dozen Cousins" came from
Where Ibraheem began his career
The idea behind A Dozen Cousins
The two reasons why Ibraheem chose beans
The things Ibraheem has taken from his experience working at the large CPG brands
The diverse areas Ibraheem works with each day
The function Ibraheem enjoys the most
ADC Sales channel overview and the strategic plan to launch in a certain order
Ibraheem's favorite sales channel
The KPIs and metrics ADC reviews in each channel and their schedule
The core KPI across all channels
How Ibraheem manages the time and focus across the various sales channels
The evolution of the ADC team from contract, to part time, to full time
How COVID changed A Dozen Cousins
How Ibraheem views inventory
The amount of SKUs ADC started with
Future product plans for ADC
Ibraheem's CPG Do and Don't list
Where to learn more about A Dozen Cousins