The Month End Podcast

Episode Five: Meghan Rowe • White Leaf Provisions

April 05, 2021 Meghan Rowe Season 1 Episode 5
The Month End Podcast
Episode Five: Meghan Rowe • White Leaf Provisions
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In episode five, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with White Leaf Provisions co-founder, Meghan Rowe.  White Leaf Provisions is a family run business founded by husband and wife team; Keith and Meghan Rowe.  They are bringing the first 100% regeneratively farmed, biodynamic​, organic, and GMO-Free baby food line to retail in the US.

"We believe babies and kids should have access to the purest foods that taste amazing and are farmed in a manner that heals the Earth."

Husband, Keith is a classically French trained chef, and Meghan comes from a family of serial entrepreneurs; a great combo for food biz success.  Hear the unique challenges and considerations Meghan needs to manage, as not just an organic food company, but one that is also biodynamic and regeneratively farmed.

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White Leaf Provisions overview
How the lack of Biodynamic options in the US drove Meghan and her husband closer to creating WLP
The explanation of Biodynamic
What WLP sells
A deep dive into the sourcing and operations aspect of Biodynamic product
The unique reason WLP can source ingredients from farmers in the US that provide Biodynamic apples
Why WLP started overseas, even with the availability of Biodynamic farms in the US
Meghan explains the details of working with overseas vendors
The benefits of working with vendors overseas
There are Biodynamic farmers, but what about the manufacturers/co-manufacturers?
How is the market for such a unique product?
Who WLP partnered with early on to ensure success entering the specialized market
How WLP nailed down the correct pricing and focused on COGS to prepare for success
How WLP educates their consumer (the forum they focus on) and how they planned a roll out of their product
Where WLP sells their products (the various sales channels)
The favorite sales channel of WLP and their strategy within each
The sales channel that comes easily to WLP and how they manage that
Why WLP is now shifting focus to D2C
Meghan touches on the challenges of fundraising for a Biodynamic product
Is Biodynamic becoming more popular, compared to when WLP started?
How WLP manages cash flow
KPIs and metrics WLP focuses on overall and within each sales channel
The newest marketing spend WLP has engaged in and why it has influenced Meghan to be more open to spending in that area
Brad offers a tip on what biz owners should be looking at and factoring in to those growing a brand
Meghan's CPG Do + Don't list