The Month End Podcast

Episode Four: Kyle Koehler • Wildway

April 04, 2021 Kyle Koehler Season 1 Episode 4
The Month End Podcast
Episode Four: Kyle Koehler • Wildway
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In episode four, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Wildway's co-founder, Kyle Koehler.  Wildway is a paleo-style granola company based in San Antonio, Texas.  Kyle shares tips on the creation of his own business, details on manufacturing for Wildway in house, and background on how he navigates providing these services for other brands.

Wildway's Website:

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Background of Wildway
Wildway's sales channels
Kyle's thoughts on going the distribution route
How Kyle assesses the success of each sales channel
Brad explains the common item CPG companies fail to look at
Brad and Kyle discuss Amazon and fulfillment methods and expenses
Negatives associated with keeping fulfillment in house
The systems and workflow Wildway uses for fulfilling orders
Kyle explains his in-house manufacturing process
How Kyle made the decision to go in-house and what he did to manage the expense
The co packing relationship opportunity Wildway seized early on
How manufacturing in-house and co-packing helps the company's margins
Kyle's advice for funding sources and how Wildway gained the cash to grow through a unique loan model
Kyle's advice on how to leverage relationships with bankers and what items they should see to help obtain a loan
How Wildway manages inventory, especially with the raw ingredient management and re-order points as it comes to in-house manufacturing
Kyle explains how much/often Wildway is actively manufacturing
How COVID-19 impacted Kyle's facility operation in TX
Kyle's thoughts on expanding the services side of his business - co-packing and manufacturing, etc.
Kyle explains what he does on a day to day basis at Wildway
Kyle's CPG Do and Don't list