The Month End Podcast

Episode Three: Chris Crowe • Recess

April 04, 2021 Chris Crowe Season 1 Episode 3
The Month End Podcast
Episode Three: Chris Crowe • Recess
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In episode three, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Recess Head of Finance and Administration, Chris Crowe.  Chris runs all things finance and administrative at Recess; a hemp-infused sparkling water with adaptogens. He joined Recess in June of 2019 as one of the early employees. Prior to Recess, he worked for Procter & Gamble and also worked in the wine industry, at Heineken, and for five different startups. With his background in both beverage companies and startups, he was a natural fit for Recess.

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What is Recess?
What Chris Crowe does at Recess and his background
What Chris did for finance, accounting, ops, systems, etc when he came on board
The two major focus items for Chris needed to manage for Recess and how he tackled each
Why forming a strong banking relationship early on was key
Recess sales channels and a background on each
Specific metrics Chris focuses on how they look at each sales channel
Why a newer company needs to reassess metrics and reporting along the way as they grow
The supply chain overview for Recess - challenges when they started to now
Inventory systems Chris uses and recommends
Brad explains what the biggest resource for small ($1-3m) businesses is and what they often don't know about that can help manage that resource
Chris explains his CPG Do and Don't list