The Month End Podcast

Episode Two: Molly Fienning • Red Clay Hot Sauce

April 04, 2021 Molly Fienning Season 1 Episode 2
The Month End Podcast
Episode Two: Molly Fienning • Red Clay Hot Sauce
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In episode two, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Red Clay Hot Sauce CEO, Molly Fienning.  Molly started her entrepreneurship journey with the company, Babiators.  There she was the CMO, where she spoke to the consumer, helped find their tribe, and helped develop the brand’s voice, look, and feel.

With Red Clay Hot Sauce, she wears all of the CEO hats that she did not have to wear at Babiators. It has been a huge growth opportunity for her on the finance, operations, and team management side of the business.  Molly shares her insight surrounding how she manages wearing all of those new CEO hats.

Red Clay Hot Sauce Website:


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General background on Red Clay
What Molly did with Babiators and how that compares to Red Clay
Red Clay's sales channel overview
Molly's favorite sales channel
Key metrics Molly looks at within channels
Red Clay's operations overview and best practices
The unique way Red Clay engaged an unlikely partner to help produce sauce in mass quantities
How important it was for Red Clay to partner with an Operations Company, like Siddhi
Molly's definition of being a good CEO/COO
Brad explains the common pitfalls of small companies hiring in house too quickly
How Red Clay manages their cash alongside making ingredient and supply purchases for the large retail orders
Brad explains the benefits and pitfalls of new Apps for cash management and small business scaling
Molly's CPG Do and Don't List