The Month End Podcast

Episode One: Jason Burke • The New Primal

April 02, 2021 Jason Burke Season 1 Episode 1
The Month End Podcast
Episode One: Jason Burke • The New Primal
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In episode one, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Chief Hunter Gatherer, Jason Burke of The New Primal.  Jason shares his stories and insight from his journey in starting the company in 2014; from making Paleo meat snacks to share with his co-workers, to becoming the number one selling BBQ sauce, meat sauce and marinade in Whole Foods.  Learn how they started, who they rely on to keep operations running, and tips from their mistakes and wins managing a large inventory based business in Charleston, SC.

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Who is Jason Burke and what is his role?
The New Primal from 2014 to now
The New Primal today
TNP Sales Channel Overview
The TNP reporting methods within each sales channel
Jason's advice on which two areas to get right early on - performance and non-performance based trade spend
Online sales channel reporting items to consider
TNP Supply Chain overview
Why Jason outsourced manufacturing early on
How TNP handles operations
Why TNP pays for data and retail performance advice
5 areas Jason wishes he looked at more closely early on
Jason's CPG Biz Do and Don't advice